Lyric Video John Legend – Surefire

Lyric And Video John Legend – Surefire Can you just stay through the night?Turn down the bed and the blindsBefore you turn aroundCan you just stay through the night?Let me breathe you in ’til gravity bendsAnd we fall through the hole in the lightMake this our kingdomSomewhere where good love conquers and not divides Cause […]

Lyric Video Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me

Lyric And Video Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me Help me understand you loveHelp me go the way you want me to go‘Cause I can’t guess the things that you’re thinking soHelp me understand you loveTell me everything you want me to know‘Cause I can’t fix it ’til I know that it’s brokeCan you Tell me […]

Lyric Video Annisokay – What’s Wrong

Lyric And Video Annisokay – What’s Wrong We are strugglingWe are strivingIn the search for a place to stayThere is no guarantee of survivingWe’re putting ourselves in harms way Tell me what’s wrongWith everybody today?Suffer, losses and dealing with human fearsIt is neither livableNor acceptable over years We’re all seekersOn the run for loveOn the […]

Asool Lyrics : Tarsem Jassar | R Guru

ASOOL LYRICS : Vehli Janta presents Assol Latest Punjabi Song from the Album Illumati. This song video is based on true incidents. This song is sung by Tarsem Jassar and lyrics are written and penned by himself. Music for the song is composed by R Guru. Song Title: AsoolSinger : Tarsem JassarMusic : R GuruLyrics […]

Preeti Lyrics – Surjit Bhullar | Desi Routz

PREETI SONG: A Punjabi Song in the voice of Surjit Bhullar composed by Desi Routz and lyrics is written by Navdeep Kaddon. Song Title: PreetiSinger: Surjit BhullarMusic: Desi RoutzLyrics: Navdeep KaddonLabel: Speed Records Preeti Song Lyrics By Surjit Bhullar Ludhiana gayi si Endeavor-an te jann baiMatching blazer-an de naal paggan bann bai (x2),Naaka veere diyan […]

Lyric Video Train – The News

Lyric And Video Train – The News Just in case I don’t make it homeJust in case I don’t make it home Are you seeing this?Was it your breath, or kissUpon my neck like thisJust like you took my dying wishNow I’m all covered in red from your lipsTweaking from seeking the way to your […]

Popcaan – Nah Idle Lyric

MiniUh…uhuhYou can never have nothing if you dont work hardCyan achieve nothing if you dont work hard (hard work enuh)Nah make no money if you dont work hardWoii yoiiCho! Hustler baby, you know that a meFuck some real star gyal, like Gwen StefaniArtist a cuss, true di world prefer mePay fi dem song, dem play […]

Lyric Video Waterparks – Royal

Lyric And Video Waterparks – Royal Shut down the gold rush in my headBecause we’re out of work.I’m living proof of compromise,“Be back in 10”With no return.I’m sick of being in Houston.I’m sick of everything I’ve been around enough to get used to. I’m proof of consequencesAnd exhausting common sense.And I kill what I build,My […]

Jordan Lyrics – A Kay | Punjabi Song 2016

JORDAN DE SHOE SONG: Girl Ok singer A-Kay bring his Latest Punjabi Song. This song is sung by A Kay himself. Music for this song is composed by Snappy while lyrics is penned by Rav Hanjra. Song: JordanSinger: A KayMusic: SnappyLyrics: Rav HanjraLabel: Speed Records Jordan Lyrics By A Kay A Kay.. Jordan de shoe […]

Takhatposh Lyrics – Rupinder Handa | Desi Crew

TAKHATPOSH LYRICS: Rupinder Handa is back with her Latest Punjabi Song. This song is sung by her and music is composed by Desi Crew while lyrics is penned by Narinder Batth. Song Title: TakhatposhSinger: Rupinder HandaMusic: Desi CrewLyrics: Narinder BatthLabel: T-Series Takhatposh By Rupinder Handa Ve tu cancel kare na meeting apne yaaran di,Te main ghare […]

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