Burnaboy – Soke Lyric

Judi judi judi jusileJudi ehn judi ah judi ehn jusile Se kin kibe soke o… se kin demo fasterSe kin kibe soke o… se kin demo fasterNow moti lowo, ijo wa lese mi oNow moti lowo, ijo ti wa lese mi oSe kin kibe soke o… se kin demo fasterSe kin kibe soke o… se […]

Yaaran Piche Lyrics – Gurjazz | Punjabi Song 2016

YAARAN PICHE SONG: A single Punjabi Song presented and sung by Gurjazz. Music of this song is composed by K V Singh and Lyrics is penned by Vicky Dhaliwal. Song Title – Yaaran PicheSinger – GurjazzLyrics – Vicky DhaliwalMusic – K V SinghLabel – Speed Records Yaaran Piche Lyrics By Gurjazz Hovengi tu landlord apne […]

Lyric Video Annisokay – What’s Wrong

Lyric And Video Annisokay – What’s Wrong We are strugglingWe are strivingIn the search for a place to stayThere is no guarantee of survivingWe’re putting ourselves in harms way Tell me what’s wrongWith everybody today?Suffer, losses and dealing with human fearsIt is neither livableNor acceptable over years We’re all seekersOn the run for loveOn the […]

HONORS – Over Lyric

I try to feel it inside but the fire that we hadIt’s all goneSometimes I think about why is the sand in the hourglass runsI try to keep it in lineMaybe I’m just not the oneBut you know I wouldBut you know I wouldBut you know I would keep it undercoverWe could have each otherBut […]


ZELLA DAY – EAST OF EDEN SONGLYRICS Pink toes pressed against the carpet, Show your face and finish, what you started, The record spins down, the alley late night, Be my friend, surround me like a satellite, Tiger on the prowl, east of eden, Coming for you now  Keep me from the cages, under the control, Running in […]

Benjamin Clementine – I Won’t Complain Lyric

Its a wonderful life, its a wonderful lifeTraversed in tears from the heavensMy heart is a mellow drum, a mellow drum in factSet alight by echoes of pain 24-7,24-7I dream, I smile, I walk, I cryI dream, I smile, I walk, I cryYou might not say that its a wonderful worldAnd its a wonderful lifeAnd […]

Lyric Video Train – The News

Lyric And Video Train – The News Just in case I don’t make it homeJust in case I don’t make it home Are you seeing this?Was it your breath, or kissUpon my neck like thisJust like you took my dying wishNow I’m all covered in red from your lipsTweaking from seeking the way to your […]

Tera Pyar Lyrics : Girik Aman

TERA PYAR LYRICS : Latest Punjabi Song presented and sung by Girik Aman. Music of the song is composed by Gold E Gill while Lyricsted by Hammy Kahlon, Sandeep Singh and Gurjot Singh. Song Title: Tera PyarSinger: Girik AmanMusic: Gold E GillLyrics: Hammy Kahlon,Deep Sandeep Singh, Gurjot SinghMusic Label: T-series Tere Pyar by Girik Aman […]

Travis Scott – beibs in the trap ft. NAV Lyric

That coca I just poured a 8 in a literThrow some jolly ranchers in make it sweeterVersace my clothes I’m with a white hoAnd she snortin’ three lines like AdidasGot a black girl rolling off mollyGot a white bitch snorting up snowSay she want real niggas in the partyParents gon’ leave the keys to the […]

Lyric Video Leikeli47 – Money

Lyric And Video Leikeli47 – Money [Verse 1: Leikeli47]UhChilling, layin’ in the cut doeEasy, tryin’ see what up doeBrooklyn, home of the cutthroatNotorious, ya’ll know how the rest goSleeping, one eye openToo smart cause I’m always scopin’Watching, seeing how these lames lookLazy, that’s how you get ya frame took Money, I got Money (x2) Talking, […]

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