RAE SREMMURD FEAT.GUCCI MANE – BLACK BEATLES SONGLYRICS [Swae Lee and Gucci Mane:] Black Beatles in the city be back, immediately to confiscate the moneys, Rae Sremm, Guwop, Mike Will! Sent flowers but you said you didn’t receive them. But you said you didn’t need them. [Swae Lee:] That girl is a real crowd pleaser, Small […]

Preeti Lyrics – Surjit Bhullar | Desi Routz

PREETI SONG: A Punjabi Song in the voice of Surjit Bhullar composed by Desi Routz and lyrics is written by Navdeep Kaddon. Song Title: PreetiSinger: Surjit BhullarMusic: Desi RoutzLyrics: Navdeep KaddonLabel: Speed Records Preeti Song Lyrics By Surjit Bhullar Ludhiana gayi si Endeavor-an te jann baiMatching blazer-an de naal paggan bann bai (x2),Naaka veere diyan […]

HD Lyrics – Shar S | Punjabi Song 2016

HD SONG: A Latest Punjabi Song sung and lyrics penned by Shar S. This Song is composed by Ravi RBS. Song Title: HDSingers: Shar S & Zartash MalikMusic: Ravi RBSLyrics: Shar SLabel: T Series HD Lyrics By Shar S Tu High Definition (HD)Mainu lagdi kamal ae,Tu High Definition (HD)Ni tu kita bura haal ae,High Definition […]

Leikeli47 – Money Lyric

[Verse 1: Leikeli47]UhChilling, layin’ in the cut doeEasy, tryin’ see what up doeBrooklyn, home of the cutthroatNotorious, ya’ll know how the rest goSleeping, one eye openToo smart cause I’m always scopin’Watching, seeing how these lames lookLazy, that’s how you get ya frame took Money, I got Money (x2) Talking, always talkingThat’s your problem, you always […]


BLACK BOX RECORDER – ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SUICIDE SONGLYIRCS  Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth, You pull on your finger, then another finger, then cigarette, The wall to wall is calling, it lingers, then you forget, Oh oh oh, you’re a rock ‘n roll suicide, You’re too old to lose it, too young to […]

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Killing Me To Love You Lyric

Your body is broken but you’re trying to fight thisYour arms are weary but you’re trying to hide this I, I’ll bring you home, it’s been so longAaah we’re fighting alone back to where we belong It’s growing faster than you’ve grownNow you’re stronger than yourselfI’m fighting for youI’m hiding for youBut it’s killing me […]

Arcane Roots – Curtains Lyric

Lately can you feel your pulse wanting to leave?The hollow dust feels like a friendYou have no need to grow oldYour muscles will seize, your organs frozen like meatBut it sounds like… I know you’re feeling aloneCaught out at seaThe chains at your feet, heavierNow they want the keys to your homeAnd they claw at […]


ADAM LAMBERT – IF I HAD YOU SONGLYRICS So I got my boots on, got the right amount of leather, And I’m doing me up with a black color liner And I’m working my strut, but I know it don’t matter, All we need in this world is some love There’s a thin line between […]

Lyric Video Ricky Martin – Vente Pa’ Ca ft. Wendy

Lyric And Video Ricky Martin – Vente Pa’ Ca ft. Wendy Say you like me one more timeI won’t care about the troubles In my lifeSay you want me, you’d be mineWhen the sunlight is reflected In your eyes Oh baby I, I wanna know, Are we for real?Some kind of dream (Some kind of […]

Taylor Swift – Picture To Burn Lyric

State the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasyI realize you love yourself more than you could ever love meSo go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazyThat’s fine, I’ll tell mine that you’re gayBy the way I hate that stupid old pickup truckYou never let me driveYou’re a redneck heartbreakWho’s really bad […]