Lakdi Ki Kathi Lyrics – Harshit Tomar ft. Raftaar | JSL Singh

LAKDI KI KATHI SONG: A party song inspired from well known children’s poem sung by Harshit Tomar ft. Raftaar and JSL. composed by JSL Singh and lyricsted by Harshit Tomar & Raftaar. Song Credits: Song Title: Lakdi Ki KathiSingers: Harshir Tomar, Raftaar & JSLMusic: JSL SinghLyrics: Harshit Tomar & RaftaarMusic Label: Speed Records Lakdi Ki […]

Lyric Video Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Killing Me To Love You

Lyric And Video Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Killing Me To Love You Your body is broken but you’re trying to fight thisYour arms are weary but you’re trying to hide this I, I’ll bring you home, it’s been so longAaah we’re fighting alone back to where we belong It’s growing faster than you’ve grownNow you’re […]

Raven Felix – Hit The Gas ft. Snoop Dogg, Nef The Pharaoh Lyric

Uh, you fuckin’ with a fly bitchFly shit, too fly to be a side-bitchIn front of me, I’m like, “Bye, bitch!”Your boyfriend ridin’ in the whip, ‘cause I drive stickUh, stuntin’ is a habitHaul ass, while I’m dippin’ through the trafficWith my bitches blowin’ smoke, getting ratchetPump up my first shit, it’s already a classicIn […]

Lyric Video Future – Poppin’ Tags

Lyric And Video Future – Poppin’ Tags Goyard on, pick out what you wantHermès on, pick out what you wantNew Chanel, oh, pick out what you want(DJ Esco)Poppin’ tags, I been poppin’ tagsPoppin’ tags, I been poppin’ tags What the fuck is you talkin’ bout, I can get ya ass hitHop out a Corvette nigga, […]

TR Pantan Lyrics – Mankirt Aulakh | Veet Baljit

TR PANTAN SONG: A single Punjabi Song in the voice of Mankirt Aulakh composed by Mr. Vgrooves while lyrics is penned by Veet Baljit. Song Credits Song Title: TR Pantan Singer: Mankirt Aulakh Music: Mr. Vgrooves Lyrics: Veet Baljit Music Label: Speed Records TR Pantan Lyrics By Mankirt Aulakh TR diyan pantan ne paunde tere […]

Lyric Video Dilly Dally – Ice Cream

Lyric And Video Dilly Dally – Ice Cream It’s lonely now, the streets all fade beneath the sunDrivin’, stop blockin’ my visionWriting, but all my songs fell off the trackTryin’, but no one’s listening Cryin’, cryin’No one’s listening to you, girlCryin’, cryin’No one’s listening to you, girl If I scream when you screamThey’re not gonna […]

Lyric Video Leikeli47 – Money

Lyric And Video Leikeli47 – Money [Verse 1: Leikeli47]UhChilling, layin’ in the cut doeEasy, tryin’ see what up doeBrooklyn, home of the cutthroatNotorious, ya’ll know how the rest goSleeping, one eye openToo smart cause I’m always scopin’Watching, seeing how these lames lookLazy, that’s how you get ya frame took Money, I got Money (x2) Talking, […]

Laila Main Laila Lyrics – Raees | Sunny Leone ft Shahrukh Khan

LAILA MAIN LAILA SONG: A much awaited Item song of Sunny Leone from the Sharukh Khan Starrer movie Raees. The song is sung by Pawni Pandey and music is recreated by Ram Sampath while some additional lyrics for the song have been penned by Javed Akhtar. Song Credits:Song: Laila Main LailaSinger: Pawni PandeyAdditional Lyrics: Javed AkhtarRecreated […]


PROJECT 46 & OLIVIA – BEAUTIFUL SONGLYRICS To the kid in the corner, Trapped in the shadows of doubt. Passing time till it’s over, Just hoping one day you’ll be found. Tell me who threw your chance away, Did they even know your name, If you live in the echo, your heart never beats as loud. you’re […]

Lyric Video WizKid – Daddy Yo

Lyric And Video WizKid – Daddy Yo Starboy Wizzy boy, make me danceDaddy Yo, make me danceStarBoy, make me danceDaddy Yo, make me danceWizzy boy, make me danceDaddy Yo, make me danceStarBoy, make me danceDaddy Yo, make me dance I got a lotta song, she sing soI make her meter blow uh-ooh-ohNa my song she […]


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