Lyric Video DOPE LEMON – Honey Bones

Lyric And Video DOPE LEMON – Honey Bones The post hasn’t made it here for daysWe’ve been walking around every which damn wayThe clouds are comingThere knocking on my window paneThey wanna know what it isThat I got planned She make you feel alrightShe make you feel okShe keep you up at nightAh she got […]

Lyric Video Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart

Lyric And Video Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart We got problems in the streets againDrowning in the violence, it’s getting pretty tenseA lot of hunger in the faces I seeA lot of bitterness, communal emptiness Don’t trust the water, friendChemicals hide with the skeletonsDon’t trust that false pretenseCounterfeit lies are your best defense I […]

Lyric Video Amaranthe – Boomerang

Lyric And Video Amaranthe – Boomerang You can always bring me down but I come aroundLike a boomerang, like a boomerang ’round Like a boomerang, like a boomerang ’roundLike a boomerang, like a boomerang ’roundLike a boomerang, like a boomerang ’roundLike a boomerang, like a boomerang ’round One time, did it two times and now […]

Die Hard Fan Lyrics – Avi J | Deep Jandu

DIE HARD FAN SONG: A single Punjabi song presented by Avi J. “Die Hard Fan” is sung by Avi J and Music is composed by Deep Jandu while lyrics is penned by Avi J. Song Title: Die Hard Fan Singer: Avi j Music: Deep Jandu Lyrics: Avi J Label: T-Series Die Hard Fan Lyrics By […]

A Boogie & PnB Rock – IDK (I Don’t Know) Lyric

Like why you so fly? (I don’t know)Like why you so high? (I don’t know)Like why them niggas staring at you so hard every time you ride by? (I don’t know)Like why you so thurl? (I don’t know)Why you fuck that nigga’s girl? (I don’t know)Why you smoke all that dope, why you kill all […]

Pendu Maharaja Lyrics – Sippy Grewal | Latest Punjabi Song 2016

PENDU MAHARAJA: A single Latest Punjabi Song Sung by “Sippy Grewal”. Music of this aong is composed by “Laddi Gill” while lyrics is penned by “Amrit Maan”. Song Title: Pendu MaharajSinger: Sippy GillMusic: Laddi GillLyrics: Amrit MaanLabel: Saga Music Pendu Maharaja Lyrics by Sippy Gill Velly Kathe Ho Gaye NeJede 3-4 O Jigri Yaar Licency […]

King Queen Lyrics : The Landers

KING QUEEN LYRICS: A Latest Punjabi Song from the album Fadhlo. Music is composed by V Grooves and lyrics penned by Rab Sukh Rakhey. Song Title: King QueenSinger: The LandersLyrics: Rabb Sukh RakheyMusic: Mr. V GroovesMusic Label: Sony Music India King Queen Lyrics Dassan shehar vich chalda jo scene haiKudi mundeyan de dilan di queen […]

Lyric Video Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me

Lyric And Video Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me Help me understand you loveHelp me go the way you want me to go‘Cause I can’t guess the things that you’re thinking soHelp me understand you loveTell me everything you want me to know‘Cause I can’t fix it ’til I know that it’s brokeCan you Tell me […]

Raleigh Ritchie – StraitJacket Lyric

Hold me for a minuteI’m just that far awayFrom being consideredClinically insaneI need your attentionAffection is my wayOut of the danger zone I feel no lightnessDays like this are pricelessGiven myself licence to indulge in all my vices Woah, don’t goWithdrawal is my soulWeakness, I’m coldSmoke drawsSmoke blows from my noseAnd keeps me warmI know […]

Go Pagal Lyrics – Jolly LLB 2 – RaftaaR | Akshay Kumar*

Go Pagal Song From Jolly LLB 2: A Holi based song which show unlimited madness in the voice of RaftaaR & Nindy Kaur composed by Manj Musik starring by Akshay Kumar & Huma Qureshi. Song Credits:Song Title: Go PagalSinger: Raftaar, Nindy KaurMusic: Manj MusikLyrics: Raftaar & Manj MusikMusic Label: T-Series Go Pagal Lyrics from Jolly […]

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